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Why Do Many Kids and Adults Need Orthodontic Treatment Today?

42_WhyneedbracesAt Sunshine Orthodontics some parents ask us… “Why are so many kids and adults wearing braces today?”

Orthodontic Studies report 70 percent of the US population could benefit from having their teeth and jaws realigned with orthodontic treatment. Ancient ancestors had perfect teeth and bites, as evidenced by fossil records. Then, about 10,000 years ago, malocclusions (bad bites) seem to have become more prevalent. Why? Human growth patterns saw teeth and jaws fail to accommodate teeth and jaw development as different ethnic and genetic backgrounds began to live together and populate. (more…)

Invisalign Hopewell Junction



If you are looking for an experienced and compassionate provider of Invisalign near Hopewell Junction, Dr. Ahmed Mansour and the team at Sunshine Orthodontics are the only choice. Dr. Mansour understands that getting braces can be intimidating and that’s why he offers his patients the option of Invisalign near Hopewell Junction.

Invisalign Hopewell Junction

Invialign is an effective and convenient alternative to traditional metal braces. The talented team at Sunshine Orthodontics are experts in Invisalign and have the experience to answer their patient’s questions about the clear aligners and can help decide if this form of treatment is the right choice for you. Invisalign offers the patient many benefits, which include:

  • Comfort: The clear aligner trays are smooth and don’t have hard metal materials that can cause abrasions to your tongue and/or cheek.
  • Removable: Do you have special event coming up? A sports game, perhaps? Simply remove the aligner trays for the event in question! Scared you’ll have to make lifestyle changes to accommodate Invisalign near Hopewell Junction? Nope. There are NO food restrictions!
  • Shorter Treatment time: Invisalign near Hopewell Junction requires fewer visits to the orthodontist and overall, less time for treatment when worn correctly. Dr. Mansour recommends wearing your aligner trays for about 23 hours per day for optimal treatment.

How it Works invisalign-hopewell-junction

Invisalign is incredibly simple to use! Dr. Mansour will make a customized, 3D mold of your teeth in order to create a series of clear aligners that are worn and replaced (typically), each week. The aligner trays help to gradually shift teeth to their prescribed position.

Being removable is a huge plus! It allows you to take out the trays for teeth brushing, which helps with maintain personal hygiene and prevents the risk of breaking the aligners. Cleaning the aligner trays is just as easy! Brush the aligner trays with denture cleaner whenever you brush your teeth.

Why Choose Sunshine Orthodontics?

Dr. Mansour and his team are happy to provide Invisalign near Hopewell Junction! We understand that choosing to pursue any orthodontic treatment comes with a great deal of consideration, from length of treatment to cost. We are here to help make that decision a little bit easier by providing answers to all of your questions and the best treatment options. Be sure to contact us, today, to begin the journey to your best smile!


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“The best orthodontist! Everything is clean and the people are good and the doctor is the best! I’m so happy.”
– Pedro Olmos

Dr. Ahmed Mansour and the team at Sunshine Orthodontics are expert providers of Invisalign near Hopewell Junction. If you have any questions pertaining to Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, braces, and clear braces in the 12533 area, Wappingers Falls NY, Poughkeepsie NY, Fishkill NY, Hopewell Junction NY, Poughguag NY, or Dutchess County NY, or would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Mansour, contact Sunshine Orthodontics at: (845) 592 – 2292

An Expert in Invisalign Near Crown Heights NY

Dr. Ahmed Mansour is an expert in Invisalign near Crown Heights NY. The team at Sunshine Orthodontics are experienced and talented professionals. We believe that each patient deserves a customized treatment plan and work together to create the most effective treatment.

An Expert in Invisalign Near Crown Heights NY

The most common form of orthodontic treatment is braces! Traditional, metal braces may not be ideal for your lifestyle or dental condition. Invisalign is a modern alternative made from clear aligner trays. The series of trays help to gently guide your teeth to the prescribed position. 

Why Invisalign?

  • Removable: The aligners can be removed to allow for easy maintenance of dental hygiene, but can also be taken out to eat.
  • Nearly Invisible: Because the aligner trays are clear and far less conspicuous than traditional, metal braces, they are the top choice for those who choose to pursue orthodontic treatment as adults.
  • Shorter Treatment Length: Invisalign tends to require less time than typical, metal braces.

As an expert in Invisalign near Crown Heights NY, Dr. Mansour and his team understand how difficult a decision choosing to pursue orthodontic treatment can be. We hope to make that decision much easier by offering flexible appointment schedules and financing options. Contact us, today, to begin the journey to your most beautiful smile!

Dr. Ahmed Mansour is an expert in Invisalign. If you have any questions pertaining to Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, braces and clear braces the Crown Heights area, 12542 zip code area, Wappingers Falls, NY, Poughkeepsie, NY, Fishkill, NY, Hopewell Junction, NY, Poughguag, NY, or would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Mansour, contact Sunshine Orthodontics at: 845-431-9026.

43_missingteeth Everyone wants a full, toothy smile, but some people are missing teeth through no fault of their own. Whenever you see a person missing teeth, you probably assume that they have lost them somewhere along the line, either through an accident or neglect. However, that is not always true.

At Sunshine Orthodontics we sometimes see patients that are missing teeth because they failed to develop due to a family hereditary condition. Other times, the “missing” tooth isn’t really missing at all; it’s hidden underneath bone and gum tissue because it’s blocked or impacted by other teeth. In either situation, space must be created or closed, depending upon circumstances, to improve the bite and aesthetics. If not, then other teeth will gradually drift into the spaces, creating a bite problem and misalign teeth. Luckily, both problems can be treated with orthodontics. (more…)

47_sports-drinksLollipops are a cavity on a stick and soda is pure sugar in a can. Candy and soda cause tooth decay. You’ve been taught this since grade school. This is not news, is it? Well, what about the fact that sports drinks ruin your teeth, too? Heard that one before?

Dr. Ahmed Mansour and the team at Sunshine Orthodontics want to make sure you understand sports drinks can damage healthy teeth. Actually, “erode” is more like the term, especially around the brackets while wearing braces. These sort of drinks erode your teeth by “demineralization,” or reducing the minerals in the outer tooth enamel and also the dentin (“dentin” is a yellowish, calcified tissue underneath the tooth enamel). It doesn’t affect the enamel underneath the braces covered by the brackets. (more…)

46_Unhappy-TeenNot all kids are happy about wearing braces, especially teens. If teeth are slow erupting, a problem develops during a pubertal growth spurt, permanent teeth don’t erupt properly, or finances were an issue, your child may not be a happy camper. Wearing braces between the ages of 11-14 is the most common age for treatment and normally the age of least resistance in most cases. However, after that, be prepared for opposition.

Your first discussion sets the stage for how your child accepts or rejects the news they require treatment at Sunshine Orthodontics. Allowing your apprehension and fears to surface can impact how your child responds. (more…)

64_MouthguardsYou may not realize it but mouth guards are worth their weight in gold. If you think about it, the use of mouth-guards and the reasons for using them isn’t that far removed from orthodontic technology and the principals at Sunshine Orthodontics we employ to create a beautiful and healthy smile for our patients! (more…)

40_expanderEveryone who visits our orthodontic practice wants to flash a perfect smile. However not everyone is born with perfectly straight teeth. Many subtle problems go unnoticed when checking out someone’s smile. Crooked teeth are more obvious, but how your teeth fit together is just as important when creating a great smile and orthodontic result over the long haul for good dental health. (more…)

Have you ever wondered just how long braces have been around and how they have come to be the way they are today? As far back as 500 B.C., Greek scholars such as Hippocrates and Aristotle have thought about ways to straighten teeth, but no progress was made in the field until the early 1900’s. Though orthodontics is less than a hundred years old, amazing progress has been made in this relatively short period of time. (more…)

14_Clean_teethAt Sunshine Orthodontics, we don’t have to tell you that keeping your teeth clean during treatment is very important. Braces have a habit of collecting additional food while eating that can cause a multitude of problems if not cared for correctly.

So you don’t offend others with unsightly food caught on your braces, or to avoid bad breath, swollen gums, decalcification or discoloring of teeth and cavities, here are are five tooth brushing tips from Dr. Ahmed Mansour and our team for orthodontic patients to keep in mind while wearing braces: (more…)

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