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Who knew Braces were so fun?

braces fun

We know it’s difficult to convince your child that getting braces is something to be excited about. To them, it may be a different story. So, how do we go about getting our children on board with braces?

  1. Throw a pre-braces party. Once the braces are on, your child knows they will not be allowed to eat certain foods. So before the braces get put on, allow them to indulge before the time of application. It’s an easy way to get excitement stirred up and the wait to get the braces over to indulge again will be just as endearing.
  2. Let your kids know that this is a way to give them that beautiful smile they see in adults and older children. Let them be aware that braces aren’t forever, but their smiles are.
  3. If your children are worried about getting picked on because of braces, tell them about some celebrities who have worn them such as Cameron Diaz, Kelly Clarkson, Dakota Fanning, and Gwen Stefani.
  4. It is important to emphasize that braces today aren’t the same as they were for you growing up. From clear ceramic braces to different-colored braces, more options are available. Braces can be cool accessories.
  5. Sometimes we have to point out how crooked our teeth are because we never got braces…this will encourage your children to want to have their teeth perfect and straight.

The stereotypical braces wearer – in middle school, with a mouth full of metal brackets – has led to children being discouraged about wearing braces. Dr. Mansour and our staff here at Sunshine Orthodontists would like to put some of these myths to rest and help your child get the proper care they need for that perfect smile!

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